Abilene Blue Sox

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Abilene Blue Sox
Abilene, Texas
  • Class B (1955–1957)
  • Class C (1946–1954)
Minor league affiliations
League Big State League (1956–1957)
Previous leagues
West Texas–New Mexico League (1946–1955)
Major league affiliations
Team data
Previous names
Abilene Blue Sox (1946–1957)

The Abilene Blue Sox were a minor league baseball team that operated in the West Texas–New Mexico League from 1946–1955 and the Big State League from 1956–1957. The Abilene Blue Sox are considered to be in the top 100 Minor League Baseball teams of all-time. They were an affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers (46-48) and the Kansas City Athletics (1956–57). The nickname came from the blue trim hose used by their Brooklyn parent team.

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