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Ability Plus Software
Industry Computer software
Founded 1991 [1]
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom

Ability Office
Ability Write

Ability Spreadsheet
Ability Database
Ability Photopaint
Ability Presentation
Ability Photoalbum
Ability Draw
Website www.ability.com

Ability Plus Software is a software development company, founded in 1991 for the purposes of developing and marketing the Ability branded products: Ability Office, an office suite for Microsoft Windows and, earlier, Ability Plus - an integrated package running under DOS.


Ability Plus Software was formed in London, England, shortly after Migent (UK) ceased to trade in 1991. It acquired the source code for the Ability Plus package and with some of the ex-Migent staff and the help of LANware Inc, which had acquired sales and marketing rights in the US from Migent Inc, began a program of product development which has continued to the present day.

Strategic Partners[edit]

Starting in 1993 Ability Plus Software teamed-up with Great Bear, a US company with an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, to develop a new Windows product, Ability Office, as a successor to Ability Plus. Great Bear are now based wholly in Sofia and the partnership remains intact.

In 2004, Ability Plus Software entered into a long term marketing and sales agreement with Ability Software International, part of the Formjet PLC Group. Ability Plus Software now manages the software development and Ability Software International handles all sales and marketing worldwide.

References and footnotes[edit]

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