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For the fifth generation Amora sage of the Land of Israel, see Jose ben Abin (his son).
For the 6th generation Amora sage of the Land of Israel, see Samuel b. Jose b. Boon (his grandson).
For the 4th generation Amora sages of Babylon, see Idi b. Abin Abin Naggara & Hiyya b. Abin Naggara or their Father of the 3d generation: Abin Naggara

R. Abin (I) (Hebrew: רבי אבין) was a Jewish Amora sage of the Land of Israel of the third generation of the Amoraic era. He was one of R. Yochanan bar Nafcha's most prominent pupils. As a young man he even managed to study under Judah ha-Nasi,[1] and had delivered statements in his name. However, he acquired most of his Torah knowelege from his Teacher par excellence,[2] R. Yochanan bar Nafcha. Abin's sayings are mentioned many times in the Babylon Talmud, mainly as an Halkhaic inquiry (Hebrew :בעי), and as an Amora of the Land of Israel he is cited frequently in the Jerusalem Talmud. His son was Jose ben Abin.

R. Abin is the only Amora sage among the rest of the Amora sages who are also called "Abin" - that was called so not as an appellation or an epithet, unlike the rest of the Amora sages who lived in Babylon, such as R. Abin Naggara the father of Idi b. Abin Abin Naggara and Hiyya b. Abin Naggara,[3] or unlike Rabin whose real name was "R. Abin", as cited in the Jerusalem Talmud.

Among his colleague was Jeremiah (I), who was one of the elders pupils of Yochanan bar Nafcha, and said to R. Abbahu that for this reason his and Jeremiah (I), Abin I, and R. Measha's opinions should be preferred over the opinions of R. Abbahu, R. Isaac Nappaha, and R. Hanina b. Papi.[4]


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