Abisara burnii

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Abisara burnii
Abisara burnii.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Riodinidae
Genus: Abisara
Species: A. burnii
Binomial name
Abisara burnii
(de Nicéville, 1895)[1] [2]
  • Taxila burnii de Nicéville, 1895
  • Taxila burni timaeus Fruhstorfer, 1904
  • Taxila burni etymander Fruhstorfer, 1908

Abisara burnii is a butterfly in the Riodinidae family. It is found in the Indomalayan realm.


  • Abisara burnii burnii (Assam)
  • Abisara burnii timaeus (Fruhstorfer, 1904) (northern Indo China)
  • Abisara burnii assus Fruhstorfer, 1914 (southern China)
  • Abisara burnii etymander (Fruhstorfer, 1908) (Taiwan)


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