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Arbitare October 2014 cover.jpg
Editor-in-chief Silvia Botti
Categories Design and architecture magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher RCS Mediagroup
Year founded 1961; 56 years ago (1961)
Company RCS Group
Country Italy
Based in Milan
Language Italian
Website Abitare

Abitare, published monthly in Milan, Italy, is one of the world's best known design magazines.[1] It was first published in 1961.

History and profile[edit]

Abitare was launched in Milan in 1961.[2][3] The magazine was published monthly.[4][5] It was devoted to architecture, interior design, furniture, product design and graphic arts and was published both in Italian and English.[6] In 1976 the magazine was sold to Segesta Publishing group.[4] Later it became part of the RCS Group and began to be published by RCS Mediagroup.[7]

Many known architects and designers were contributors to Abitare. Stefano Boeri and Maria Giulia Zunino were among the editors-in-chief of the magazine.[4][8] Chiara Maranzana and Mario Piazza also served as the editors-in-chief of Abitare.[2]

The magazine momentarily ceased publication in March 2014.[3] However, its online version continued to publish content.[3] The magazine was relaunched in October 2014 with a new format and new graphics under the direction of Silvia Botti. [9]

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