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News agency
IndustryNews media
Founded18 July 2011; 7 years ago (2011-07-18)
FounderMarat Musin
HeadquartersRepublic of Abkhazia
Number of employees

Abkhazian Network News Agency (more commonly known as ANNA News) is an Abkhazian news agency.


Anchor Helen Krasovskaya, 9 August 2014

ANNA was officially registered as mass media in the Republic of Abkhazia on 18 July 2011.[2] It was founded, and was led until his death in 2018 by Marat Musin, a specialist in financial intelligence who lectured at Moscow State University and taught at the Russian State University of Trade and Economics.[1] It has been labelled by Western media as pro-Kremlin.[3] ANNA publishes news in the Russian language and is known for sending war reporters to places like Syria, where they filmed embedded with the Syrian Arab Army in their operations against rebels.[4] It has been known for publishing footage recorded directly from Syrian Army tanks.[5] According to The Moscow Times, it has a 'forceful pro-Assad slant.'[1] It has a channel on YouTube. In January 2013, a Russian judge from Belgorod, Sergey Aleksandrovich Berezhnoy, was shot in the face and arm while accompanying the crew of ANNA News as it reported on a unit of the Syrian Army fighting rebel forces in the Damascus suburb of Darayya.[6][7] More recently, it made reports regarding the Ukrainian crisis, which included live video reports.[citation needed]

In April 2016, the ANNA website was defaced by the group of Ukrainian hackers, Falcon Flame & Trinity.[8]

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