Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages

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Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages
Абылай хан атындағы Қазақ Халықаралық Қатынастар және Әлем Тілдері Университеті
Established 1941
Rector Kunanbaeva Salima Sagikyzy
Location Kazakhstan 050022, Muratbaev st., 200, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Campus Urban
Website http://ablaikhan.kz/

The Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages (KazUIR & WL, Ablai Khan University), or Kazakh State Teacher's Institute of Foreign Languages, as it was identified at its inception, is the only university in the presidential republic of Kazakhstan and has been providing foreign language education for 65 years.[1]


In the summer of 1941, the university began receiving teachers in preparation for the first class of students. To provide the qualitative set entering to the institute, youth were organized into introductory courses. About it is spoken in order of the institute from July 9 in 1941 with reference to dictation Narkomprosa (Ministry of Education) Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (KAZSSR). The first teacher line up included G.D. Belaya, N.M. Voinova, and E.F. Treyze. G.D. Belaya taught the history of USSR, N.M. Voinova covered Russian language and literature, and E.F. Treyze taught German language. Hereinafter these teachers became employees of the institute, but E.F. Treyze as not having higher education, became a student of the institute.

Training practically began with 231 students, including 113 in faculty of English, 97 in German language, 21 in French language.

The set 1941/42 school years had shown that in the institute, either as in the other high school of the republic, there were very few students of Kazakh nationality. This could not disturb Narkomprosa (Ministry of Education) and government of the republic. So on 24 March 1942 has followed the resolution Sovnarkom (Parliament) KAZSSR 165 "About organizations 4-h month course of preparation in high schools of Kazakh-girl". In the resolution it was noted that the number of Kazakh in high educational institutions to the general count; calculate; list studying forms whole 3,9%. This did not provide increasing need of the country in specialist, particularly in connection with begun by war. "Big percent –Kazakh-girl, alumnae’s of the orphanages and materially unproved for, - was spoken in resolution of Sovnarkom (Parliament), - do not finish the secondary school or finishing its do not enter in high schools" For the reason change the established position of Sovnarkom (Parliament) KAZSSR has resolved:

"Allow Narkom ask KAZSSR with 1 April in 1942 organize the four-month courses of preparation in high schools Kazakh-girl with contingent 330 persons" At the end 1941 was approved first charter of the Institute. On its official status Institute was shown independent scholastic-scientific institution, confirmed Narkomprosom (Ministry of Education) KAZSSR, and acted as juridical person, having emblem seal and its financial plan. The Official name of the Institute, which he carried up to April in 1944, was: Kazakh state teacher's institute of the foreign languages.

The Charter provided the necessary structure of the Institute:


English, German, French, language, pulpits of the same name, scholastic-auxiliary institutions (the cabinets and library). The Faculties were shown scholastic-administrative branch, united pulpits and realized preparation student on several related professions. Their deans, brought forth from number professor or assistant professor on leading discipline given faculty. The Deans became firmly established Narkom (Ministry of Education) millet KAZSSR on presentation of the director of the Institute.


  • 1941 Melikov Hanaahmed Karaevich
  • 1941 — 1942 Balakaev Maulen Balakayuly
  • 1942 — 1943 Suleymenov Bekezhan Suleymenovich
  • 1943 — 1947 Fisenko Varvara Fedorovna
  • 1947 — 1951 Kuznecov Alexey Ivanovich
  • 1951 — 1956 Pahmurnyj Pavel Mihajlovich
  • 1956 — 1962 Iskakov Tulesh Iskakovich
  • 1962 — 1967 Ibraeva Ajar Khakimovna
  • 1967 — 1976 Zhandildinov Nurymbet Zhandildinovich
  • 1977 — 1978 Akhanov Kakhan Akhanovich
  • 1979 — 1987 Amirov Rakysh Satovich
  • 1987 — 1992 Irmuhanov Beimbet Babikteevich
  • 1992 — 1999 Ahmetov Adil Kurmanzhanuly
  • 1999 — Kunanbaeva Salima Sagikyzy


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