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Abner J. Orick is an American politician of the Republican party who served as a member of the Dayton, Ohio, city commission from 1979–1983, 1985–1991, and 1997. For most of the time he served on the Commission, he was the only Republican.

In 1989, Orick was the Republican nominee for Dayton mayor, but he lost to incumbent Democrat Richard Clay Dixon. In 1991, Orick chose not to run for re-election to the commission, instead making an unsuccessful bid for the office of clerk of the Dayton municipal courts, losing to Democrat Mark Owens.

In 1997, Orick lost his bid for re-election to the commission.

Orick lost a special election in 2001 to replace Commissioner Lloyd Lewis Jr., who died of cancer. Lewis's widow, Edythe Lewis won that election. Later in 2001, Orick again was nominated for the commission in the primary election, but he lost in the general election.


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