Abnormal (Bumblefoot album)

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Abnormal (album).jpeg
Studio album by Bumblefoot
Released July 2008
Genre Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge
Length 52:10
Label Bald Freak
Bumblefoot chronology
Barefoot - the acoustic ep

Abnormal is the eighth studio album by recording artist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, released in July 2008.[1] Abnormal is Thal's first solo release as a member of Guns N' Roses.[2]

Thal described Abnormal as "..a continuation of a very personal tale. If Normal was the first chapter, then Abnormal is the second chapter of the same book. It's a tale of how my life has been 3 years after Normal, after touring with Guns N' Roses and [everything else]".[3] The songs "Abnormal", "Glad to Be Here" and "Objectify" have been performed by Thal as solo spots in Guns N' Roses concerts. Objectify was featured as Thal's solo in Appetite for Democracy 3D. Thal mentioned "Green" being one of his favorite songs he's ever written.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Abnormal" 2:49
2. "Glad To Be Here" 3:23
3. "Objectify" 3:48
4. "Some Other Guy" 2:53
5. "Jenny B" 2:01
6. "Last Time" 3:41
7. "Simple Days" 4:12
8. "Conspiracy" 1:20
9. "Piranha" 3:20
10. "Guitars Still Suck" 2:59
11. "Green" 4:07
12. "Spaghetti" 2:55
13. "Misery" 2:30
14. "Redeye" 3:35
15. "The Day After" 3:13
16. "Dash" 5:23
Total length: 52:10


  • Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Guitars, Vocals
  • Dennis Leeflang – drums
  • Mike McVicker – tuba
  • Swashbuckle, Dennis Leeflang, Brian Larkin, Natalie Kikkenborg, Erin Bailey – backing vocals