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Coordinates: 73°03′S 13°25′W / 73.050°S 13.417°W / -73.050; -13.417


Aboa (from the Latin name of Turku) is a Finnish research station in Antarctica. It was built in 1988. It is located in Queen Maud Land, about 130 kilometers from the coast, on a nunatak called Basen in the Vestfjella Mountains. The station was designed and built by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and funded by the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry (now part of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy).[1]

The station is only used in Antarctic summer. Currently, the station has living and work space for expeditions of 12 people, and allows temporary living space for up to 18 people.[1]

The Swedish station Wasa is located only 200 meters away. Together, Aboa and Wasa form the Nordenskiöld Base. The two stations are in close cooperation.[2]

This article includes material from Finnish Wikipedia article Aboa (asema), revision as of 2009-03-02.


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