Abolishing the Borders from Below

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Abolishing the Borders from Below
Abolishing the Borders from Below.gif
TypePolitical philosophy
FormatBimonthly magazine
Political alignmentAnarchism
Ceased publication2010
WebsiteOfficial website

Abolishing The Borders From Below was an anarchist magazine published by a Berlin-based collective since 2001.[1][2][3][4] It was formed by a handful of Central and Eastern European and ex-Soviet migrant anarchists and political and counter-cultural anti-authoritarians.

The bi-monthly magazine was filled with articles from correspondents around Central and Eastern Europe and consisted of information about different political and cultural processes and activities in the region seen, commented on and analysed from an anarchist perspective.

It was printed regularly and distributed around the globe by Central and Eastern Europe contributors and by Active Distribution,[5] from South Africa to the Philippines. The magazine folded in 2010.[6]


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