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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, abominations are the unwanted offspring of a deity and some other being. Abominations are immortal, spiteful, destructive creatures of immense power. Abominations are epic monsters.

Publication history[edit]

The abominations, including the anaxim, the atropal, the chichimec, the dream larva, the hecatoncheires, the infernal, the phaethon, the phane, and the xixecal first appeared in the third edition Epic Level Handbook (2002).[1]

The abominations, including the astral stalker, the atropal, the blood fiend, the phane, and the tarrasque, appear in the fourth edition Monster Manual (2008).[2] The rotvine defiler and the discord incarnate appeared in the fourth edition in Open Grave (2009).

Known Types of Abominations[edit]

  • Anaxim - Ill-conceived constructs crafted by gods of the forge.
  • Atropal [1] - Stillborn godlings who spontaneously rise as undead.
  • Chichimec [2] - Unwanted offspring of deities of the sky, air, and similar portfolios.
  • Dream Larva - Misbegotten offspring of deities of fancy, longing, and dream.
  • Hecatoncheires - The oldest abominations, born of proto-deities early in the multiverse's history.
  • Infernal - Infernals are born of the ill-starred meeting of god and fiend.
  • Phaethon - Phaethons are the progeny of fire gods.
  • Phane - Timelost abominations whose deific parents possessed portfolios relating to time or fate.
  • Xixecal [3] - Xixecals are born of gods whose portfolios include evil, ice, and chaos.
  • The Slumbering Serpent - A little-known abomination born of the yuan-ti and a god of serpents.
  • Marruspawn Abomination - The only known marruspawn abomination is a monstrous creature created by the marru's spawncraft techniques and the blood (and divine powers) of a god. It is currently imprisoned in catacombs beneath a desert.