Abomination (novel)

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Robert Swindells - Abomination.jpeg
First edition
AuthorRobert Swindells
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date
ISBN0-385-40854-4 [1]

Abomination is a 1998 novel by the author Robert Swindells, dealing with themes of religious extremism, adolescence, bullying, and relationships, as well as integrating the intriguing question of what its title refers to. Scott and Martha the two main characters. At the start, Martha is bullied by all the children and they all call her "Raggedy Anne" because her mother makes her clothes. Martha meets a new boy named Scott, who used to bully her as well when he was new to the school and wanted to fit in. Scott feels bad for Martha, so he befriends her and loses his friends in the process. Therefore, Scott gets bullied as well as Martha and the two become good friends. Martha goes to Scott's house after telling him that her father hits her. Scott tells his mother and is convinced they should call the police, but his mother suggests to wait, saying 'Fools rush in, where angels dare to tread'. Scott asks Martha to allow him to visit her house, but Martha refuses, as she does not want anybody in her house - her house is dim and boring, and the family doesn't own a TV. Scott assures Martha that they will still be friends, no matter what. Martha has to be careful, though, because she isn't allowed to bring home anyone, especially boys, otherwise the family's secret would be revealed. Scott goes to Martha's house and sees how bad it is, after a while, he leaves. Another day comes and Scott knocks on Martha door and hears screaming and crying, he instantly thinks they are beating her. He runs home and on the way meets Martha. Scott, shocked, asks her what the noise was. Martha was angry with Scott because her parents may have answered the door. Scott apologized but insisted he knew what the noise was then she told him about 'Abomination'. Abomination is a 6-year-old boy, the son of Martha's sister Mary. Scott says that they should call the police but Martha refuses. Scott emails Mary, asking her to come and collect her child. Meanwhile, Martha has rebelled against her parents and they fear that she will reveal their secret. Mary comes and her mother and father block the door, trying to stop Martha leaving, but she pushes through with 'Abomination' and escapes with Mary.