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Abor is a town in southeastern Nigeria, located in Enugu State near the city of Enugu.

Abor is located on the Old Enugu-Nsukka Road, an important thoroughfare for travelers heading to northern Nigeria from the east. It consists of eight separate villages.


Abor is home to three high schools and two Catholic parishes. Chist High School, Abor St Thereasa Girls Secondary, Abor Girls Technical School, Abor


Umuavulu Village, one of the eight that make up Abor, is known for her industrious people. Umuavulu Village has 13 hamlets namely:Umuozor, Eziagu, Nzuko, Umuoka, Uwenu na uwani, Umuikwo, Umuezike, Amaogwu,ohemje, Aragu,Aguma,orobo, ezionyia. Each is equivalent to a town of its own. We also have Ubiekpo with six hamlets namely:Umuozor,Onuodagwu,Umudioku,Umuozi, Amaekwulu na Ebouwani, Amagu.


Umuezeani village, another of Abor's constituent villages, is home to Nigerian Breweries' Ama Greenfield brewery, the largest brewery in Nigeria.[1] The Onyeama mine of the Nigerian Coal Corporation is also located nearby.


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Coordinates: 6°28′30″N 7°24′30″E / 6.47500°N 7.40833°E / 6.47500; 7.40833