Abortion in Vanuatu

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Abortion in Vanuatu is severely restricted by criminal law.[1] Abortion is illegal under the provisions of section 117 of the Vanuatu Penal Code, Act No. 17 or 7 August 1981.[2] The code states that any women who intentionally induces a miscarriage is subject to up to two years' imprisonment.[1] Abortion is illegal in cases of rape, incest, and threats to fetal health.[3] The only allocations for abortion are to save the life or the pregnant women and to preserve physical and mental health.[citation needed] Under section 113 of the code the legal abortion must be done before the 28th week of pregnancy.[citation needed]

Self-induced abortions[edit]

The Vanuatu Family Health Association reports various methods women use for self-induced abortions, including the use of local leaves or bark from a tree.[3] Abortions like this that are outside of the medical system endanger the lives of women, as even an immediate visit to a nearby hospital or clinic may be futile if that medical facility does not have the equipment to repair any damage.[3]


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