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Aboureihan Educational Complex (Persian: مجتمع آموزشی ابوریحان) is a high school and middle school complex located in Qeitarie district, Saba Blvd. northern Tehran, Iran. Founded 1991 it is named after Abū Rayḥān Muḥammad-ebne Aḥmad Biruni (Persian: ابوریحان محمد بن احمد بیرونی), an 11th-century Persian scholar, philosoph, and polymath from the province Khwarazm (today Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and parts of Kazakhstan). The school emphasizes Experimental and mathematical disciplines throughout the High-school education.

To become a student at Aboureihan, students go through a competitive selection process including an entrance test that examines their skills in Algebra, physics, chemistry, Biology, and Geology. These tests are so hard that attendants have to start preparing for the test a year prior to taking it .This school has a very good history in rankings of public/private colleges inside Iran. It always has at least one Single-digit and more than 40 two-digit rankings among almost 2 million runners in the Concours (derived from the French word for competition, it is an exam that takes place annually and attendees are conferred to universities according to their ranking). Some successful Aboureihan graduates that apply for Universities abroad usually end up in really good private or public Universities in Europe and the United States.

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