About Time (The Stranglers album)

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About Time
Studio album by The Stranglers
Released 15 May 1995 (1995-05-15)
Genre Post-punk
Length (LP)
Label When!
Producer Alan Winstanley
The Stranglers
The Stranglers chronology
Stranglers In the Night
(1993)Stranglers In the Night1993
About Time
Written in Red
(1997)Written in Red1997

About Time is the twelfth studio album from The Stranglers and the second one from the Black, Burnel, Greenfield, Roberts and Ellis line-up. The album was released in 1995. It was co-produced, engineered and mixed by Alan Winstanley, who had worked with the Stranglers on their first four albums (as the engineer on Rattus Norvegicus, No More Heroes and Black and White and producer on The Raven). Nigel Kennedy plays electric violin on "Face", and a string-quartet is used on three of the eleven tracks ("Face", "Still Life" and "Sinister").[1]

"Lies and Deception" was the only single released from the album, it is one of the few Stranglers songs solely written by drummer Jet Black. Released as two CDs, CD1 was backed with non-album tracks "Swim" and "Cool Danny", CD2 was backed with non-album tracks "Kiss The World Goodbye" and "Bed of Nails".[2][3][4][5]

The album peaked at No. 31 in the UK Albums Chart in May 1995.[6]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Golden Boy" – 3:13
  2. "Money" – 3:20
  3. "Face" – 3:27
  4. "Sinister" – 4:44
  5. "Little Blue Lies" – 3:34
  6. "Still Life" – 5:20
  7. "Paradise Row" – 3:51
  8. "She Gave It All" – 4:45
  9. "Lies And Deception" – 3:50
  10. "Lucky Finger" – 4:14
  11. "And The Boat Sails By" – 4:33


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