Abrămuț oil field

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Country Romania
Region Bihor County
Offshore/onshore onshore
Operator Petrom
Field history
Discovery 1967
Start of development 1967
Start of production 1968
Current production of oil 800 barrels per day (~40,000 t/a)
Estimated oil in place 2 million tonnes
(~ 2.4×10^6 m3 or 15 MMbbl)
Estimated gas in place 2×10^9 m3
70×10^9 cu ft

The Abrămuț oil field is an oil field located in Abrămuț, Bihor County. It was discovered in 1967 and developed by Petrom. It began production in 1968 and produces oil. The total proven reserves of the Abrămuț oil field are around 15 million barrels (2×106tonnes), and production is centered on 800 barrels per day (130 m3/d).[1]


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