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Abr Arvan

Abr Arvan (Persian: ابر آروان) is an Iranian Content delivery network and cloud service company. As of 2020 it provided free cloud services to 300 Iranian companies. It also provides VOD,[1] radar(network availability),[2][3][4] object storage[5] Infrastructure as a service[6] and Platform as a service to its buyers.[7] According to Donya-e-Eqtesad this corporation provides the cloud ecosystem for Iran. It had fifty thousands clients in 2020.[8] based on W3techs abr arvan is now the eighth CDN provider in the world.[9][10]


Abr Arvan started in 2014 with the aim of producing cloud technological products. The founding team consisted of four people, whose first acquaintance was formed in the World Skills Competition. These people were selected as the first team product in March 2015 in the Fanap Innovation Competition. After a few months, with the initial investment of Fanap in the amount of 300 million Tomans, the official activity of this company began and in January 2015, it was officially registered. In March of the same year, this company was accepted in the section of knowledge-based companies as a "start-up level 1" company. In 2018, the second stage of increasing the capital of this company with a valuation of 200 billion Tomans was done by Fanap Holding and the total shares of this holding reached 47%.[11][12]

Other products[edit]

2018 DDOS[edit]

Telegram MTProto MTProxy based DDOS taken down Arvan's networks.[17]

2021 attack[edit]

In March 2021, IaaS and PaaS services of Abr Arvan were targeted by large attacks.[18][19][20]


On 2021, Arvan engaged in a contract with Ministry of ICT of Iran on Iran Cloud project. The project is set to deploy National Information Network, a network that allows the Iranian government to cut off Iranian users' access to the internet and provide them only domestic networks.[21] Abr Arvan's Public Relations Manager has denied the company's involvement in the Internet nationalization or restriction project.[22]


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