Abraham de Verwer

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Battle of the Zuider Zee, October 6, 1573

Abraham de Verwer (1585, Haarlem – 1650, Amsterdam), was a Dutch Golden Age painter of cityscapes, (river) landscapes and seascapes.


He was also called Abraham de Verweer van Burghstrate. He travelled in northern France and when he returned, he settled in Amsterdam.[1] It is unknown who taught him to paint, but he was noted in his wife's testament in Haarlem in 1607 as a "schrijnwerker" or cabinet-maker, and in 1614 he was noted in an Amsterdam estate inventory as a painter.[1] He travelled in France from 1637-1639.[1] He was the father of the Amsterdam poet Catharina Verwers and the Amsterdam painter Justus de Verwer.[1][2]