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Abrahaminte Santhathikal

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Abrahaminte Santhathikal
Abrahaminte Santhathikal.jpg
Abrahaminte Santhathikal official poster
Directed byShaji Padoor
Produced byTL George
Joby George
Written byHaneef Adeni
Anson Paul
Music byGopi Sundar
Serin Francis
Edited byMahesh Narayan
Goodwill Entertainments
Distributed byGoodwill Entertainments
Release date
  • 16 June 2018 (2018-06-16)[1]
Running time
131 minutes
Box office₹38 crore[2]

Abrahaminte Santhathikal (lit.: Descendants of Abraham) is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language action-crime thriller film directed by debutant Shaji Padoor and written by Haneef Adeni. The film stars Mammootty and Anson Paul in the lead roles, and Kaniha, Tarushi, Renji Panicker, Yog Japee and Kalabhavan Shajon in pivotal roles. Shot in Ernakulam, principal photography began on 5 January 2018 and ended in March. Gopi Sundar scores music to the film and editing is handled by Mahesh Narayan.

The film was released on 16 June 2018.[1]


There is a series of murders involving 8 victims. ASP Derick Abraham (Mammootty), after another person is killed, figures out that the serial killer is a hard-line Christian, using the killer's note, and those being targeted are atheists. He captures the killer: Brother (Christian) Simon of the local seminary. Bro. Simon tells him he will definitely reach his target of 10 people. When Derick leaves and comes back, Bro.Simon is found dead with a slash on his throat and a knife in his hand, presuming he committed suicide, revealing the tenth person was himself. Derick is suspended due to this.

His family consists of only his younger brother Philip Abraham (Anson Paul), who is a training as a sharp shooter. Their parents died in a car accident when they were young. Philip is later accused of killing his girlfriend Aleena (Tarushi) while drunk, and is severely beaten up by Derick's senior officer, Narayana Sethupathi (Yog Japee). Derick is forced to arrest his beloved brother as the evidence is against him. Philip pleads that he's innocent and has been trapped. Unable to cope with his brother's arrest, Derick becomes a drunkard.

Meanwhile at the jail, Phillip starts to hate him and vows to kill Derick once he's released. Dinesh (Siddique), the jail warden, hears this and tells him he can help with the escape to settle his personal score with Derick. The latter had once arrested the Dinesh's and Narayana's sons in a kidnapping case. Narayana's son committed suicide before being arrested, so these two have a grudge against Derick. Philip, with the help of Dinesh and Narayana, later escapes prison.

Philip's close friend Nisam (Anoop Vijay) meets Derick and discloses the events that occurred in the fateful night of the murder of Philip's girlfriend. On that night, Philip was with Nisam and two of his other friends, Arun (Maqbool Salmaan) and Salman. He was heavily drunk and fell asleep. Aleena called to meet him at the beach but Arun answered the phone and reached the place with the others instead. They physically assaulted her and she got killed in the process. Derick, on realizing this, now wants to convince the police department that Phillip is innocent. However, the next day Nisam commits suicide.

Philip, in the meanwhile, attempts to kill Derick in a supermarket but fails. Derick finds Arun and Salman at a car wash and tells them to surrender but they refuse and fight him instead. The child of Derick's ex-girlfriend, Diana (Kanika), is kidnapped and despite her hatred towards Derick, is forced to seek his help and he accepts. To avoid any harm to her, the ransom money of Rs. 10 million is arranged and Derick goes with the police keeping a safe distance. The kidnappers are shown to reach the place and take the money but they don't release the kid. The police follow and catch them, but on inquiring comes to know that they were paid to be the decoy. CI Sukumaran (Kalabhavan Shajohn), who was Derick's close acquaintance, tells Diana, Dinesh, Narayana and SP Shahul Hameed (Renji Panicker), the head of the investigation, that all this is part of a plan by Derick and Philip. It was their plan to escape prison in the first place, make the others believe that there was hatred between them and kill Arun and Salman: the real culprits. Derick wanted to get Philip out of the country for his safety and secure his life, with the help of Issac (Shyamaprasad), so the ransom amount was used for this purpose. However, all this was done without leaving any evidence.

Derick emotionally bids farewell to Phillip as he leaves. At the police station, DYSP Johnny mocks Derick of his suspension 3 years before. However, it's revealed that Derick actually killed Bro.Simon and cleared up the evidence.



Produced under Goodwill Entertainments, Abrahaminte Santhathikal was announced on 7 September 2017 by producer Joby George on Mammootty's birthday. It is the directorial debut of Shaji Padoor, an associate director in Malayalam cinema for 22 years, and is scripted by Haneef Adeni.[3][4][5] In fact, Mammootty had been insisting Shaji to direct a film over 15 years and had given an open date.[6][7] Mammootty plays a cop named Derrick Abraham in the film. Shaji said that the plot revolves around an investigation but it is not a dark thriller, and the protagonist appears uniformed in one or two shots only. The other cast and crew have not been finalised as of January.[8]

By December end, Anson Paul, Kaniha, Siddique, Renji Panicker, Suresh Krishna and Tamil actor Yog Japee were confirmed.[9] With a puja event in Kochi on 1 January 2018, cinematographer Alby, editor Mahesh Narayan, composer Gopi Sundar and make-up artist Ronex Xavier joined the crew.[10] At the event, Mammootty introduced his and Anson Paul's roles as "Abraham's two children".[11] Anson and Ratheesh Krishnan, who plays a throughout role, were also Mammootty's suggestions in the cast.[12][13] Principal photography started on 5 January 2018 in Kolenchery, Eranakulam. Mammootty was shot on that day at a house at Choondy.[14] Kaniha chose it since a Mammootty film and joined in January second week, playing a public prosecutor.[15][16] Tarushi who plays Anson's love interest was shot for 10 days.[17] Filming ended by mid-March.[18][19]


The movie was released on 16 June 2018 in Kerala.[20] It was released in Gulf countries on 21 June and in rest of India the following day.[21][22] The Times of India and International Business Times gave the film positive reviews.[23][24]

Box office

The film collected 41 lakhs from US box office in its four weeks.[25] The film grossed $860,055 from UAE box office in six weeks.[26] It grossed a total of ₹38 crore worldwide at the end of its theatrical run.[2]


Gopi Sundar composed the film score and two songs; Christian devotional "Yerusalem Nayaka" video song was released in May. All the lyrics are penned by Rafeeq Ahamed.[27]

1."Yerusalem Nayakan shafeeke"Gopi SundarSreya Jayadeep3:44
2."Mulla Poovithalode"Serin FrancisHaricharan3:29
3."Kanneerattil"Gopi SundarVijay Yesudas4:03


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