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Abrakebabra Seating Area

Abrakebabra is an Irish fast-food restaurant chain established in Dublin, Ireland in 1982. When the first Abrakebabra restaurant was opened in Rathmines in Dublin it attracted huge attention catering to late-night crowds with a fresh menu that included introducing the kebabs to the Irish market and also inventing the now widely adopted Taco Fries. [1][failed verification]

Abrakebabra Investments won franchise of the year in 2008 and 2009, awarded by the Irish Franchise Association.[citation needed]

Gold Card[edit]

The Abrakebabra Gold Card (AKA Doner Card) allows the recipient free food for life.[2] It is sent unexpectedly, when a public figure expresses their interest/relationship with the brand. Singer Cheryl Cole received a gold card after telling a radio station that Abrakebabra's kebabs were the best.[2] Actor Colin Farrell stated in an interview that he and Irish musician Bono also have gold cards. [3]

Black Card[edit]

Actor Colin Farrell stated in a Jimmy Kimmel interview that he was upgraded to a black card. The serial number was 001.


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