Abram Robertson Byram

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Abram Byram
Abram Robertson Byram.jpg
17th Mayor of Brisbane
In office
Preceded by Robert Porter
Succeeded by John McMaster
Personal details
Born Abram Robertson Byram
Died 20 February 1893 (aged 67)
Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia
Resting place Toowong Cemetery
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Freeman Elliot (m.1848 d.1898)
Occupation Cabinetmaker

Abram Robertson Byram (died 1893) was an alderman and mayor of Brisbane Municipal Council, Queensland, Australia.

Personal life[edit]

Abram Robertson Byram was born about 1825, the son of James Cooper Byram and Mary Robertson.[1][2][3]

Abram Robertson Byram married Elizabeth Freeman Elliot in Tynemouth, England in 1848. They had the following children in England:[2][4]


  • William Elliot Byram, born 1851 Tynemouth, England

Abram and his family immigrated to Sydney, New South Wales on the Parsee arriving on 17 Jan 1853; their son William died on the voyage.[6]

A daughter Elizabeth Byram was born in 1854 in New South Wales, was married to Norman Meredith Davis in Brisbane in 1882 and died in Brisbane in 1920.[2][7]

They had more children in Brisbane:[2]

  • William James Byram, born 1861, died 1922 in Queensland
  • George Elliot Byram, born 1865, died 1875 in Queensland.

Abram Robertson Byram died at his home in Boundary Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane on 20 February 1893 aged 67 years. He is buried in Toowong Cemetery with his wife Elizabeth Freeman Byram and his sons George Elliot Byram and William James Byram.,[1][8][9]

Business life[edit]

Abram Robertson Byram was a cabinetmaker.[5]

Public life[edit]

Abram Robertson Byram was an alderman of the Brisbane Municipal Council from 1877 to 1888 and was mayor in 1883. He served on the following committees:[10]

  • Improvement Committee 1879, 1881
  • Legislative Committee 1879 - 1881, 1883
  • Finance Committee 1878, 1880, 1882, 1887
  • Works Committee 1883, 1888
  • Health Committee 1888
  • Town Hall Committee 1885, 1886.

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