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Abramczyk (variously transliterated into other languages as: Abramczik, Abramcyk, Abramcik, Abramchik, Abramchyk, Abramtchik, Abramschik, Abramtshik, Abramtschik, Abrahmczyk, Abrahmcik, Abrahmchik, Abrahmtzik, Abramtzik, Abramčyk, Abramčik; Belarusian: Абрамчык, Russian: Абрамчик; Hebrew: אברמציק, אברמצ'יק; Yiddish: אַבראַמטשיק; Arabic: ابرامسزيك) is a Polish surname of Jewish origin. It is a patronymic surname derived from a Hebrew name 'Abram' - the original name of the biblical 'Abraham'.

'Abramczyk' is claimed to be a surname of non-Ashkenazi origin (probably Sephardi or Mizrahi) given to the descendants of Jews from the Ottoman Empire.[citation needed] The latter names like this are referred to as 'Judeo-Slavic'.[citation needed]

The Polish-language ending 'czyk', originally diminutive, gradually became patronymic[citation needed] and therefore Abramczyk means "the son of Abram" (historically, "little Abram" or "Abram junior"). The surname is currently most common in Poland, however it also appears in other countries like Israel, France, the United States, Canada, Belarus, Germany, Argentina and Brazil.[citation needed]

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