Abramios the Recluse

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Abramios the Recluse
Saint Abramios the Recluse
Born 290
Died 360
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Churches
Feast 11 November

Saint Abramios the Recluse (290–360) was an early Christian hermit and ascetic from Edessa.


Abramios was born in 290 AD in Edessa (modern-day Şanlıurfa, Turkey). On the day of his wedding, he left his fiancée and went to the coast of the Sea of Marmara, near Lampsacus (modern-day Lapseki). There, he lived in a cave and left it only two times: first, when he was ordered to baptise a pagan village; and second, to free his niece Maria from sin. He died in 360 AD.

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