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Abrosimov (Russian: Абро́симов; masculine) or Abrosimova (Абро́симова; feminine) is a Russian surname.[1][2] Variants of this surname include Abrasimov/Abrasimova (Абра́симов/Абра́симова), Abraskin/Abraskina (Абра́скин/Абра́скина), Abrosenko (Абросе́нко), Abrosenkov/Abrosenkova (Абро́сенков/Абро́сенкова), Abrosin/Abrosina (Абро́син/Абро́сина), Abroskin/Abroskina (Абро́с(ь)кин/Абро́с(ь)кина), Abroskov/Abroskova (Абро́сков/Абро́скова), Abrosov/Abrosova (Абро́сов/Абро́сова), Abroshin/Abroshina (Абро́шин/Абро́шина), Abroshchenko (Абро́щенко), Ambrosov/Ambrosova (Амбро́сов/Амбро́сова), Amvrosimov/Amvrosimova (Амвро́симов/Амвро́симова), Amvrosov/Amvrosova (Амвро́сов/Амвро́сова), Amvrosyev/Amvrosyeva (Амвро́сьев/Амвро́сьева), Obrosimov/Obrosimova (Обро́симов/Обро́симова), Obrosov/Obrosova (Обро́сов/Обро́сова), and Ovrosimov/Ovrosimova (Овро́симов/Овро́симова).[1]

All these surnames derive from various forms of the given name Ambrose (Amvrosy), which is of Greek origin where it means god-like.[1][2] Another possibility is that the surname derives from the Russian dialectal word "абросим" (abrosim), meaning a person who gives oneself airs, a person who plays the peacock.[1][2]

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