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Avsey (Russian: Авсе́й) is a Russian male first name.[1] There are several theories as to its origins.[2] According to one, it is simply a colloquial variant of the name Yevsey.[1][2] Another possibility is that "Avsey", as well as Asey (Асе́й) and Osey (Осе́й), are colloquial variants of the name Absey (Абсе́й), alternatively spelled Apsey (Апсей),[2] which until the end of the 19th century was included into the official Synodal Menologium.[3] Finally, it is possible that "Avsey" derives from the Old East Slavic word "авсень"/"овсень" (avsen/ovsen), meaning New Year's Eve, which in ancient times corresponded to the first day of spring.[2]

The diminutive of "Avsey" is Avseyka (Авсе́йка).[1]

The patronymics derived from "Avsey" are "Авсе́евич" (Avseyevich; masculine) and its colloquial form "Авсе́ич" (Avseich), and "Авсе́евна" (Avseyevna; feminine).[1] The patronymics derived from "Absey" are "Абсе́евич" (Abseyevich; masculine) and "Абсе́евна" (Abseyevna; feminine).[4]



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