Absheron National Park

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Absheron National Park
Abşeron Milli Parkı
Absheron National Park is located in Azerbaijan
Absheron National Park
Location of Absheron National Park
Abşeron Milli Parkı in Azerbaijan
Location Baku
Coordinates 40°17′01″N 50°21′34″E / 40.28361°N 50.35944°E / 40.28361; 50.35944Coordinates: 40°17′01″N 50°21′34″E / 40.28361°N 50.35944°E / 40.28361; 50.35944
Area 783 hectares (7.83 km2)
Governing body Republic of Azerbaijan
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
Designated February 8, 2005

Absheron National Park (Azerbaijani: Abşeron Milli Parkı) — is a national park of Azerbaijan and was established on 8 February 2005 by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, on an area of 783 hectares (7.83 km2) in the administrative territory of the Azizbeyov district of Baku city, on the base of Absheron State Nature Preserve.[1][2] It was set up by Order 622 of the President of Azerbaijan.

Fauna and flora[edit]

The Absheron State Nature Preserve was created in July 1969 in order to protect gazelles, Caspian seals and water birds that inhabit the territory. The climate of the area is semi-arid, specific to semi-desert and dry steppe. Types and phytomass of flora is poor here, plants are changed respective of water and saltiness regime of area. Sea coastal sand plants (42,6%), meadows with jigilgamish and paz grass (13,2 %), one-year saline grasses (5,2 %) etc. are spread. Ephemeras also develop well in early spring.

List of fauna[edit]

A male Asiatic lion.
  • In dry area gazelle, jackal, fox, rabbit, badger, in Caspian waters seal and various fishes, birds such as silver gull, wheezing swan, grey and red-headed black, white-eyed black ducks, big white bittern, sandpiper, bald-coot, marsh belibagli, sea bozcha and other migrant birds have inhabited here.
  • Bypassing the eastern part of the Caucasus, Absheron Peninsula marked the southern point of the range of the Asiatic lion in the Trans-Caucasus, before the end of the 10th century.[3]
  • The Caspian tiger used to invade Apsheron Peninsula from the Talysh Mountains and Lankaran Lowland, before disappearing in the 20th century.[3]
  • The Caucasian leopard, lynx, and striped hyena were reported in this area.[3]

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