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Mature sporangium of a Mucor sp. fungus.jpg
Mature sporangium of a Absidia mold
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Zygomycota
Class: Zygomycetes
Order: Mucorales
Family: Cunninghamellaceae
Genus: Absidia
van Tieghem (1878)

About 21, see text

Absidia is a genus of fungi in the family Cunninghamellaceae. The best-known species is the pathogenic Absidia corymbifera, which causes zygomycosis, especially in the form of mycotic spontaneous abortion in cows. It can also cause mucormycosis in humans. It is an allergenic that could cause mucorosis in individuals with low immunity. It usually infects the lungs, nose, brain, eyesight and skin. Absidia spp. are ubiquitous in most environments. They are often associated with warm decaying plant matter, such as in compost heaps.


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