Absolute Hangover

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Absolute Hangover
Directed by Petter Næss
Written by Axel Hellstenius
Starring Ingar Helge Gimle
Brit Elisabeth Haagensli
Per Christian Ellefsen
Gard B. Eidsvold
Anette Hoff
Kari Simonsen
Release date
29 January 1999
Running time
82 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Absolute Hangover (Norwegian: Absolutt blåmandag) is a 1999 Norwegian comedy film directed by Petter Næss, starring Ingar Helge Gimle and Brit Elisabeth Haagensli.


John and Siri Lill are around forty and have been together for most of their lives, without getting married. When John's drinking gets out of hand, Siri Lill decides to move back with her parents. John goes on a drunken binge, and just as the apartment is in a terrible mess, Siri Lill decides to return.

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