Absolute Steel

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Absolute Steel
Origin Larvik, Norway
Genres Heavy metal
Years active 1999–present
Labels Black Lotus Records
Website http://www.absolutesteel.com
Members K2
Andy Boss
Dave Bomb
Dr. Schmutz
Rick Hagan

Absolute Steel is a Norwegian heavy metal band from Larvik. Formed in 1999, the band’s founding members were Andy Boss (lead guitar), Dave Bomb (lead guitar) and K2 (vocals). Throughout the late 1990s they played live performances and developed a heavy metal party band style that caught the attention of Edgerunner Records, a local heavy metal label. In 2002, the label released "The Fair Bitch Project", the band's debut recording. Performances after the release further defined their style by featuring female strippers and pyrotechnics.

A second Edgerunner release was planned, but the label folded before it could be issued.[1] The recording was self produced and the band printed and distributed 200 copies in an attempt to attract another label. Black Lotus, a Greek label heard the recording and signed the band in 2005. Released as "WomaniZer", the recording was distributed worldwide and the label plans on remastering The Fair Bitch Project and releasing that as well.


Studio releases[edit]

  • The Fair Bitch Project, 2002
  • WomaniZer, 2004 (Re-issue 2005)


  • Absolute Steel Demo, 1999


  • We Sentence You To Death (Even If You're Innocent), 2001

Current line-up[edit]

  • K2 - vocals
  • Andy Boss - guitars
  • Dave Bomb - guitars
  • Dr. Schmutz - bass
  • Rick Hagan - drums


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