Absolutely Kosher Records

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Absolutely Kosher Records
Founded1998 (1998)
FounderCory Brown
Defunct2011 (2011)
Country of originUnited States
LocationEmeryville, California
Berkeley, California
San Francisco, California
Official websiteabsolutelykosher.com

Absolutely Kosher Records is an independent California-based record label founded in 1998 in San Francisco by Cory Brown. The label moved to Berkeley in 2002 and then to Emeryville in October 2006 when it partnered with Misra Records. The two labels remain separate entities.

Absolutely Kosher has been listed on the RIAA website since 2005 as a distributed label of a reporting member (Fontana, the label's distributor). However, the label is not itself a member, and neither pay dues nor corresponds with the RIAA.

On September 20, 2011, a statement from Cory Brown was placed on the label's website informing people that the label would cease to release any more records for the foreseeable future due to financial difficulties.[1][2]

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