Absolutely the Best (The Zombies album)

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Absolutely the Best
Compilation album by The Zombies
Released 13 July 1999[1]
Genre Pop rock
Psychedelic pop
Length 40:04
Label Fuel 2000
Producer The Zombies
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic5/5 stars[1]

Absolutely the Best is a compilation of The Zombies released through Fuel 2000, containing 16 tracks. All of the tracks are both major and minor chart hits in the United States and UK alike.[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."She's Not There" (from Begin Here)Argent2:22
2."Leave Me Be" (from November 1964 A-side)White2:06
3."Tell Her No" (from December 1964 A-side)Argent2:05
4."The Way I Feel Inside" (from Begin Here)Argent1:47
5."She's Coming Home" (from March 1965 A-side)Argent2:37
6."Nothing's Changed" (from Bunny Lake is Missing)White2:30
7."I Want You Back Again" (from June 1965 A-side)Argent2:12
8."Whenever You're Ready" (from August 1965 A-side)Argent2:41
9."If It Don't Work Out" (from July 1969 US A-side, for the lost album, R.I.P)Argent2:26
10."I Love You" (B-side of "Whenever You're Ready")White3:21
11."Is This the Dream" (from February 1965 A-side)Argent2:43
12."Remember You" (B-side of "Just out of Reach")White1:58
13."Just Out of Reach" (from September 1965 A-side)Blunstone2:07
14."Gotta Get A Hold of Myself" (from March 1967 A-side)Ballard Jr., Riela2:28
15."Time of the Season" (from Odessey and Oracle)Argent3:32
16."Imagine the Swan" (from May 1969 A-side, for the lost album, R.I.P)Argent, White3:09


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