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Absolutism may refer to:


  • Absolute monarchy, in which a monarch rules free of laws or legally organized opposition; especially in the period c. 1610 – c. 1789 in Europe
  • Autocracy, a political theory which argues that one person should hold all power


General philosophy[edit]

  • Absolutism, the view that facts are absolute rather than merely relative (sometimes called "universality")


  • Moral absolutism, the belief in absolute standards against which moral questions can be judged, regardless of context
  • Graded absolutism, the view that a moral absolute, such as "Do not kill", can be greater or lesser than another moral absolute, such as "Do not lie"

Hegelian philosophy[edit]

  • Absolute (philosophy), the Hegelian concept of an objective and unconditioned reality, said to underlie perceived objects
  • Absolute idealism, an ontologically monistic philosophy attributed to G. W. F. Hegel