Abstinence (band)

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Origin Belmar, New Jersey, U.S.
Genres Industrial
performance art
Years active 1985–present
Labels s6k Media
Furnace Records
Silent Records
Members Darryl Hell
John Bechdel

Abstinence is an experimental industrial music project founded in 1985 in Belmar, New Jersey, USA, now based in Brooklyn. Its sound ranges from bombastic to noise, ambient soundtrack to industrial music and uses video/audio dialog and sound samples.

Since 1982, Abstinence has created experimental industrial music that follows in the traditions of the Beats, the Dada movement, the Futurism movement, punk rock, the origins of industrial music, the freedom of the experimental art movement and the human rights art movement.

Abstinence utilizes tunnels, decommissioned military bases, warehouses, bathrooms, abandoned buildings, basements, freeway underpasses and various indoor/outdoor environments as sound laboratories to create unique soundscapes that coalesce with power tools, a variety of traditional analog / digital instrumentation and percussion.


Full length albums and EPs[edit]


Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Hellscape (1995, Furnace/Silent) includes the songs "Interference" and "Screaming Into the Void VSmix: (Virtually Silent Mix)"
  • New Industries (1995, Dynamica Records - Germany) includes the song "Frigid Changes"
  • Hellscape 2 (1995, Furnace/Silent) includes the song "Fractured/Assassinate the Beat"
  • Operation:Beatbox (1996, Reconstriction Records/Cargo Records) includes the song "Two-Three-Break"
  • Ikebana : Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused And Recycled (2003, Important Records) includes the song "Freq"
  • The Unreasonable: Voidstar Productions XXV Year Anniversary Compilation (2015, Voidstar Productions) includes the song "Multiple Beat Revolt (MSTREdit)" [4][5]


  • Backyard Glances soundtrack Alva Skateboards (1987) includes the song "Level 7"
  • Multiple Cross Wounds unreleased video (1991)



Past members[edit]

  • Steve Herring
  • Bill Kuegler
  • Mike Roberts
  • Eloise Mourning
  • Paul Raven
  • J.Burns
  • Jerry Franklin
  • Bill Latshaw
  • Tommy Latshaw
  • Tommy Walling
  • Mark Yard
  • Mike Scrivani
  • Greg Hunt
  • Terry Hughes

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