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The Museum Abteiberg is a municipal museum for contemporary art in the German city Mönchengladbach.

Since the 1970s, the museum has been known for its experimental and avant-garde exhibitions, starting with director Johannes Cladders (1967-1985), and also its museum architecture, designed by Austrian architect Hans Hollein - a highpoint of postmodern design.

Directors of the Museum[edit]

  • 1907‒1933 Carl Schurz
  • 1933‒1945 Julius Koenzgens
  • 1945‒1967 Heinrich Dattenberg
  • 1967‒1985 Johannes Cladders
  • 1985‒1994 Dierk Stemmler
  • 1995‒2003 Veit Loers
  • since 2004 Susanne Titz







  • Man Ray, Portrait of James Joyce, 1922/59
  • Man Ray, Kiki's Lips, 1929/59
  • Man Ray, Tears, 1933/59
  • Man Ray, Women with open Hair, 1931/59
  • Man Ray, Selfportrait with Camera 1931/59
  • Man Ray, Antique Head with Mirror, 1931/59

Op art[edit]


Nouveau Réalisme[edit]

Pop Art[edit]

Minimal Art[edit]

Further Departments[edit]

Library, classrooms for education, cafeteria (temporarily closed).

Buildings of the Museum[edit]

Detail of the museum
  • 1901‒1904 Rooms within the city hall of Mönchengladbach
  • 1904‒1925 Former Protestant school on the Fliescherberg (demolished)
  • 1926‒1944 Karl-Brandts-Haus on the Kaiserstraße (demolished in World War II)
  • 1924‒1934 and 1945‒1982 Oskar-Kühlen-Haus on the Bismarckstraße 97
  • since 1982 Städtisches Museum Abteiberg on the Abteistraße


On the collection of the museum[edit]

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About the architecture of the museum[edit]

  • Wolfgang Pehnt, Hans Hollein. Museum Mönchengladbach. Architektur als Collage, Frankfurt am Main 1989
  • Museumsverein Mönchengladbach (Hrsg.), 10 Jahre Museum Abteiberg ‒ 90 Jahre Museumsverein, Mönchengladbach 1992

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