Madrid Central Mosque

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Madrid Central Mosque
Mezquita Central de Madrid
Mezquita Abu Bakr de Madrid (España) 02.jpg
Basic information
Location Madrid  Spain
Affiliation Islam
Country Spain
Website UCIDE
Architectural description
Architect(s) Juan Mora
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1988
Dome(s) 1
Minaret(s) 1

The Madrid Central Mosque (Spanish: Mezquita Central de Madrid) or Abu-Bakr Mosque is a building located in Cuatro Caminos neighborhood of Tetuán district. During its construction, its proximity to Estrecho (literally strait, after the Strait of Gibraltar) metro station gave birth to the popular name of the Strait Mosque.


After its dedication as Waqf land, it still took years to collect enough individual donations to construct the mosque. Finally opened in 1988, it became the first mosque in the capital since the end of the Islamic occupation in 1085.

Designed by the architect Juan Mora, it is the headquarters of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain and the Islamic Community of Madrid. Abu-Bakr Mosque has a cooperation agreement in force with the Community of Madrid,[1] and with the State through the Islamic Commission of Spain.[2]


The building, spread over four floors, has in addition to the mosque and offices, a nursery, a school, a library, an auditorium and a shop. It performs worship, charitable, educational, cultural and social functions, having signed an agreement with Al-Azhar University for the training and provision of imams.


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Coordinates: 40°27′24.2″N 3°42′3.6″W / 40.456722°N 3.701000°W / 40.456722; -3.701000