Abu-l-Qasim Ahmad ibn al-Husayn ibn Qasi

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Statue of Ibn Qasi in Mértola, Portugal
Silver coin issued by Hamdin and Ibn Wazir, allies of Ibn Qasi.

Abu-l-Qasim Ahmad ibn al-Husayn ibn Qasi was a Sufi, a political leader of the opposition against the Almoravid dynasty in Al-Garb Al-Andalus and governor of the Taifa of Mértola. He was born and died (assassinated) in Silves in 1151. He was a friend of Ibn al-Arif. Ibn Qasi wrote a treatise "the Removal of the Sandals", this book revolves around Ibn Qasi's Philosophy, Sufism and History. Ibn Arabi has written a commentary on some parts of this treatise. He was also an ally and friend of Afonso Henriques, first king of Portugal.


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