Abu Abdallah Mohammed Amghar

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Moulay Abul Mahasin Abu Abdallah Mohammed Amghar (ca 1060) was a Moroccan berber Sufi saint during the reign of the Almoravid dynasty and the founder of the Taifa Sanhajiya, the earliest example of a Sufi order in the Maghrib. He is also the patron saint of Tit, a small village 12 kilometers from El Jadida. After 1083 Abu Abdallah became head of Ribat Tit-n-Fitr,[1] which was founded by his father Abu Jaafar Amghar. His son and successor Sidi Abu Abdelkhaliq Amghar (d. 614/1199), enjoyed a close relationship with the Almohad caliph Yaqub al-Mansur, who supported Ribat Tit al-Fitr financially. One of Abu Abdallah's descendants (shaykh Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Amghar as-Saghir) was the spiritual master of Al-Jazuli. A moussem in honour of Moulay Abu Abdallah Amghar is celebrated each year in El Jadida.

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