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Abu Bakr, also known as Abubakari I or Manding Bory, was the fifth Mansa (Emperor) of the Mali Empire, reigning from 1275 to 1285.

He was born Manding Bory to mother Namandjé, third wife to Naré Maghan kon Fatta. Before becoming Mansa, Manding Bory served as kankoro sigui (vizier and second in command) to Sundjata.

When Sundjata died under mysterious circumstances in 1255 his oldest and only blood heir was too young to serve as Mansa, and Manding Bory was designated regent. Before he could ascend, his nephew seized the throne under the name Mansa Wali.

Little is known of Manding Bory during the reigns of Wati, Wait and Khalifa. After the assassination of Khalifa, Manding Bory was finally made Mansa of Mali under the name Abu Bakr. The name became Abubakari in the rapidly spoken language of Mandinka.

Mansa Abu Bakr began Mali's slow return to prominence in West Africa after five years of civil war and economic decline. After ten years, the throne was usurped by freed slave and general Sakoura in 1285.

Preceded by
Khalifa Keita
Mansa of the Mali Empire
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