Abu Bakr Shah

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Abu Bakr Shah
Sultan of Delhi
Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate
Reign15 March 1389 – August 1390
PredecessorTughluq Khan
SuccessorNasir ud din Muhammad Shah III
Diedafter 1390

Sultan Abu Bakr Shah (reigned 1389–1390), was a Muslim Turkic ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty. He was the son of Zafar Khan and the grandson of Sultan Feroze Shah Tughluq.

After Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq II (who had succeeded Sultan Feroze Shah Tughluq) was murdered, Abu Bakr became ruler of the Tughlaq empire. However, his uncle, Muhammad Shah ibn Firuz Shah Tughluq, also desired to be ruler, and struggled against Abu Bakr over the control of the throne. Abu Bakr was defeated in August 1390, and Muhammad Shah ibn Firuz Shah Tughluq succeeded him as king, reigning from 1390 to 1394. After his defeat, Abu Bakr was imprisoned in the fort of Meerut and died soon after.[1]


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Preceded by
Ghiyas ud din Tughluq II
Sultan of Delhi
Succeeded by
Muhammad Shah ibn Firuz Shah Tughluq