Abu Imran al-Fasi

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Abu Imran al-Fasi
Born 974
Died 1039
Religion Islam
Denomination Sunni
Jurisprudence Maliki
Creed Ash'ari[1]

Abu Imran Yaqub al-Fasi (974-1039) was a Moroccan, Maliki writer born near Fes to a Zenata family.[2]

He is regarded a saint by later Sufi mystics. He played an important role in the history of the Almoravid dynasty. It was his teaching in Qayrawan (Tunisia) that first stirred the Sanhaja.[2][3] He wrote a commentary on the Mudawana of Sahnun.

Qadi Ayyad (d.544/1129), author of the Kitab Shifa bitarif huquq al-Mustapha (The Antidote in knowing the rights of the Chosen Prophet), hagiographied Abu Imran al-Fasi in his Tadrib a-Madarik (Exercising Perception), an encyclopaedia of Maliki scholars.

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