Abu Ishaq Al Heweny

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Abu Ishaq Al Heweny
Born 1956 (age 60–61)
Ethnicity Egyptian
Region Egypt
Religion Islam
Denomination Qutbi
Movement the muslim brotherhood

Abu Ishaq Al Heweny (Arabic: أبو إسحاق الحوينى‎‎, born June 1956) is a Salafi scholar.[1][2][3] Born in the village of Hewen in Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate in Egypt. He issued a fatwa against Hamed Abdel-Samad in 2013 for writing a book on islamofascism.[4][5] In 2015, the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments initiated a campaign to remove any books authored by Salafi scholars including Al Heweny from all mosques in Egypt.[2]


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