Abu Mohammed Saleh al-Magiri

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Abu Mohammed Salih (also Silih) or Abu Mohammed Saleh ibn Yansaran Said ibn Gafiyan al-Doukkali al-Maguiri (sometimes spelled al-Majiri) (1153–1234) was a Sufi leader from Morocco and one of the successors of Abu Madyan.[1] He was the patron saint of Safi and lived during the reign of the Almohad dynasty.[2] Born into a prominent family of Banu Majir Berbers from the hill country of southern Doukkala,[3] later in his life he spent twenty years in Alexandria and, when he returned to Morocco, founded a ribat in Safi.[4] The Sufi brotherhood of the Magiriyyun derives from him. He wrote a Talqin al-wird and the ribat in Safi, where Abou Mohammed was buried, continued to play an important role until the end of the 15th century. One of Salih's teachers was Abu Abdallah Mohammed Amghar from El Jadida. There remains but one written work by Al-Maghri, Bidayat al Mourid, a book on Tassawuf and the lives of certain Sufi saints like Al-Maghri's teacher Abu Madyan. This book would later form the basis of the beliefs of Abdelaziz al-Tebaa. The life of Al-Magiri is described in Al-Minhaj al-wadih, written by Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Magiri, a grandson of the saint.

Tomb in Safi


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