Abu Shuayb

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Abu Shuayb Ayub Ibn Said Erredad al-Sanhaji Assariya (French transliteration Abou Chouaib) (died 1176-7) is the patron saint of Azemmour, Morocco. His mausoleum in Azemmour was built on the order of Mohammed ben Abdallah. It stands on the remains of a Roman building. Abu Shuayb lived in the time of the Almohad and Almoravid dynasties. He was a student of Abu Abdallah Mohammed Amghar and teacher of Abu Yazza, who in his turn was teacher of Abu Madyan. His brotherhood is called the Shuaybiya.[1]

In Azemmour is also the mausoleum of Laila Aisha Bahria, Abu Shuayb's pupil, who travelled from Baghdad to visit him. She died in Azemmour.


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