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Abu al-Duhur Military Airbase

Coordinates: 35°43′58″N 37°06′06″E / 35.73278°N 37.10167°E / 35.73278; 37.10167
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Abu al-Duhur Military Airbase

Airport typeMilitary
OwnerSyrian Armed Forces
OperatorSyrian Air Force
In useUnknown-present
Coordinates35°43′58″N 37°06′06″E / 35.73278°N 37.10167°E / 35.73278; 37.10167
Abu al-Duhur Military Airbase is located in Syria
Abu al-Duhur Military Airbase
Abu al-Duhur Military Airbase
Location in Syria

Abu al-Duhur Military Airbase (sometimes spelled Abu ad-Duhur) is a major airbase of the Syrian Arab Air Force. The airbase is located about 5 km east of Abu al-Duhur, in Idlib Governorate.

Syrian Civil War[edit]

During the Syrian Civil War, rebel groups had taken control of significant territory within the vicinity of Abu al-Duhur Airbase beginning in 2012. After surrounding the airbase for nearly three years,[1] and killing at least 56 government soldiers in an early morning attack, the al-Nusra Front took control of the airbase in September 2015. A video showed a number of out-of-service fighter jets for several years [2] mostly pulled to the side of the aprons and rocket launchers.[3] On 10 January 2018, the Syrian army and allies recaptured the air base.[4] Over the course of the Syrian Civil War, the airbase was completely destroyed and rendered useless.

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