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Abudwak, Somalia
Abudwak, Somalia is located in Somalia
Abudwak, Somalia
Abudwak, Somalia
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 6°14′41.5″N 46°13′25.3″E / 6.244861°N 46.223694°E / 6.244861; 46.223694
Country Somalia  Somalia
Region Galguduud
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Abudwak (Somali: Caabudwaaq) is a town in [Somalia] Region State of Galgadud it is the hub of abudwak district abudwak is largely inhabited by members of marehan sade


It is the capital of the Abudwak District. The city is situated about 20 km west of the main highway that connects the country's southern and northern regions.


The broader Abudwak District has a total population of 51,067 residents, it is populated by the Marehan subclan of Darod.[1] Other clans present include the Habar Gedir/Ayr clan.


Air transportation in Abudwak is served by the Cabudwaak Airport. A major renovation of the facility was launched in 2011, funded by Somali expatriates from the province. The new airport's first scheduled flight departed on 11 October 2012.[2]


Several health centers exist in the town. Among these is the Abudwak Maternity and Children's Hospital (AMCH), which was equipped and staffed by the Somali Care Organization in conjunction with the Somali Education and Health Organization (SEHO).[3]


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