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Abulfeda Crater
Abulfeda crater 4089 h2.jpg
Coordinates13°48′S 13°54′E / 13.8°S 13.9°E / -13.8; 13.9Coordinates: 13°48′S 13°54′E / 13.8°S 13.9°E / -13.8; 13.9
Diameter62 km
Depth3.1 km
Colongitude346° at sunrise
EponymIsmael Abul-fida
LRO WAC mosaic
Abulfeda and Descartes craters
NASA Image

Abulfeda is a lunar impact crater located in the central highlands of the Moon. To the northeast is the crater Descartes, and to the south-southeast is Almanon. To the north is the crater Dollond. A chain of craters named the Catena Abulfeda runs between the southern rim of Abulfeda and the north rim of Almanon, then continues for a length of 210 kilometers across the Rupes Altai. The crater was named for 14th century Syrian-born Kurdish historian Ismael Abul-fida.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Both the south and northeast sides of the crater rim are overlain by multiple small craterlets. The inner wall is noticeably wider in the east, and shallow and worn to the north. The crater floor has been resurfaced, either by ejecta from the Mare Imbrium or by basaltic lava, and is relatively smooth and featureless. The crater lacks a central rise at the midpoint, which may have been buried. The inner sides appear to have been somewhat smoothed down, most likely as a result of minor bombardment and seismic shaking from other impacts in the vicinity.[7][8]

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Abulfeda.[9]

Abulfeda Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 16.4° S 10.8° E 14 km
B 14.5° S 16.4° E 15 km
BA 14.6° S 16.8° E 13 km
C 12.8° S 10.9° E 17 km
D 13.2° S 9.5° E 20 km
E 16.7° S 10.2° E 6 km
F 16.2° S 13.0° E 13 km
G 13.1° S 9.0° E 7 km
H 13.8° S 9.6° E 5 km
J 15.5° S 10.0° E 5 km
K 14.9° S 10.6° E 10 km
L 14.1° S 10.7° E 5 km
M 16.2° S 12.1° E 10 km
N 15.1° S 12.2° E 14 km
O 15.4° S 11.2° E 7 km
P 15.5° S 11.5° E 5 km
Q 12.8° S 12.3° E 3 km
R 12.8° S 13.0° E 7 km
S 12.2° S 13.3° E 5 km
T 14.8° S 13.8° E 7 km
U 13.0° S 13.8° E 6 km
W 12.5° S 13.9° E 5 km
X 15.0° S 14.0° E 6 km
Y 12.8° S 14.1° E 5 km
Z 14.7° S 15.2° E 5 km


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