Abuna Salama III

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Engraving of Abuna III from Henry Stern, Wanderings among the Falasha

Salama III (died 25 October 1867) was Abuna, or head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (1841 - 1867). Originally brought to Ethiopia by Dejazmach Wube Haile Maryam, he afterwards attached himself to the party of Emperor Tewodros II for his help to settle the theological disputes dividing the Church and to gain control over the fractured Church organization.

As Tewodros' power dwindled, however, Salama found himself more often at odds with the emperor until he was made a prisoner (1864), and eventually confined to the village of Amba Mariam (then called Magdala in Wollo Province), where he died of bronchitis aggravated by his detention.[1]


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