Abyar, Libya

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El Abiar
Abyar is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 32°11′20″N 20°35′48″E / 32.18889°N 20.59667°E / 32.18889; 20.59667Coordinates: 32°11′20″N 20°35′48″E / 32.18889°N 20.59667°E / 32.18889; 20.59667
Country  Libya
Region Cyrenaica
District Marj
Elevation[1] 278 m (912 ft)
Population (2010)[2]
 • Total 32,563
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

Abyar (al-Abyā) (Arabic: الأبيار‎‎ Al Abyār) is a town in the Marj District,[3] Libya, roughly 50 km to the east of the city of Benghazi and 42 km southwest of the city of Marj. (As of 2010), its estimated population was 32,563.[2]


The town is the site of a former Italian concentration camp for the nomadic tribes that lived in Eastern Libya (Cyrenaica), and for those in the Libyan resistance movement, during the colonial Italian North Africa and Italian Libya periods. Prior to 2007 it was the capital of the district of Hizam al Akhdar.


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